Who Am I? Reflections in a Broken Mirror (2012)

Arts-based research exploring the deconstruction (removing the broken shards) and reconstruction (rebuilding the mirror) as a tangible expression of an existential crises.

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The blow unseen shatters the figment of illusion,
Revealing the shards of a life,
Once happy, sometimes sad, but no longer,
It is now lost between the cracks of emptiness.
The world revolves
But time stands still in silence.
Trapped in the blackness of despair,
And smothered in endless nothingness.
Words can not describe the desperate terror
And the pain of a soul ripped,
Torn beyond recognition.
Innocence lost forever
In an alien landscape
That was once a home.
The deafening echo of silence,
Pierces the heart with a cry that has no voice,
Who would have thought that the soundless agony,
Would be so revealing?
Piece by piece the shards reveal,
Emptiness, loss, shattered hopes,
Until nothingness appears,
Who am I now?
Slowly life returns in heighten fear,
Cowering from the lightest touch,
Reminded sharply of the fragmented pain
That was life.
What did I do to deserve this?
Why? Why me?
The words cascade in a fountain
Of tears pleading for an answer.
Piece by piece the fragments rejoin,
Washed by the breath of time,
Piecing together a semblance,
Of what had been.
Hope for life renewed, but never the same,
As the scars heal between the cracks,
Bringing strength,
And the tension of frailty.
There is a world between the cracks,
Of shattered dreams and lives,
Sharp, biting edges that stab,
An open wound long forgotten.
Paper veneers crackling under pressure,
Of the unresolved,
Hidden strengths revealed,
Behind a torment of held emotions imprisoned.
Letting go, understanding,
Forgive, Forgive, Forgive!
Is the mantra that fights with
Hate, Hate, Hate!
The wound is covered with a badge of honor
Bestowed on those who have fallen
And have risen from the ashes
Proclaiming to the world
I survived!